So, I’m pretty geeky, despite being active in swimming. cycling, camping, hiking, etc. – I am a geek. I have been involved with making electronic gizmos since I was small, in fact, I’ve been involved in making all types of “stuff” since I was very young. Some of my favorite books that I had read as a young boy are still on my shelf: The Boy Mechanic series from Popular Mechanics (early 20th centry), several computer books, etc. I remember reading my dad’s college physics texts during grade school through high schoool for fun – science is and always has been facinating to me.

I frequent book stores line Barns & Noble, Borders, and others. I visit more electronic stores than I can shake a stick at – CompUSA, Circuit City (who knows how long they’ll be around), Best Buy, Ultimate Electronics, RadioShack (only if I have to), Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc. Everywhere you can find rebates for electronic goods…. I also like movies and music, so there’s a whole host of stores I go to there…So, what gives? Yesterday I revieved a phone call early in the morning from my credit card fraud protection department saying that there was “suspicious” activitiy on my account.

It turns out that there were 4, yup I counted right, 4 purchases that were suspect: a lunch at a restaraunt that I go to all the time, a purchase of two Palm accessories at CompUSA, a purchase of a cable at RadioShack and a purchase of a informational/conference DVD. Yup, you read that right. So, what out of the ordinary do you see there? What would be sooooooo weird that I flagged my account with a possible misuse of my credit card. All the stores in the list are ones where I have shopped within the last few months and I have been to all of them several times over the years. They are all in my “normal” shopping pattern. The content of my purchaces are all within the “norm”.

My confidence in the credit card companies to actually track and catch fraud is falling fast. I don’t believe that if they can see my activities of last night as fraud, they can actualy catch someone using my card in an actual fraudulent manner. All the sudden, my card is being used in Tahitti, and I bet they wouldn’t care. I went on my trip to Europe last year – no flags flew.

Who can you trust with your money and reputation these days? Only yourself I’d guess…