The Salt Lake Linux Users Group will be holding it’s August meeting on Wed. the 17th. Brad Midgley has prepared a presentation on wireless and wearable technology. Hope to see you all there! The annoucnement text follows:

The Salt Lake Linux Users Group ( SLLUG )
All are invited to the August 2005 SLLUG meeting:

Date: Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
Time: 7:10 PM
Cost: $0.00. Zip. Nada.
Place: Engineering and Mines Classroom Building (EMCB) room 101
Directions: See directions and map URL at the bottom of this page


    * Welcome and a quick "What's new in Linux"
      - Discuss news of interest to the Linux community
      - news:comp.os.linux.announce
      - news:utah.linux

    * Wireless & Wearable
        Brad Midgley has prepared a very nice presentation on wireless,
        specifically bluetooth, for our August 17th meeting.  This will 
        give us all a wonderful look into the technologies and the 
        various ways we can use it with Linux.  

Directions - []
Parking can be found just East of the EMCB building and there is a big
lot just North of the Merrill Engineering building (MEB).
Parking is free after 6:00 (Based on the signs posted. Always check in
case this changes.)

Special thanks go to (in alphabetical order):
- Prof. Lepreau and the U of U for providing the meeting room.
- Universal Systems Inc.
- Various Volunteers

SLLUG - a non-profit corporation composed of professionals, students,
and general computer users dedicated to the use and development of
Linux - a powerful, open, freely-redistributable computer operating
system (OS) for Intel PC's, PowerPCs, DEC AlphaAXPs, SPARC, ARM, etc.